The Hules

It's The Simpsons meet Family Guy, as a filthy rich family of modern day Munsters enjoy their laid back life as cartoon Clampets living in a Louisville, Kentucky trailer park.

- Screenplay for pilot episode available upon request -



They’re outlandish, amusingly unconventional and bovine. They’re The Hules. Goofy as The Simpsons and less intelligent than the The Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, The Hules are loaded with money, yet are too simple to live anywhere but the Ashley Trailer Park, in Louisville, Kentucky. Yup, they’re rednecks. Not your everyday rednecks, however. The Hules are filthy, stinking rich. The thing is, they have no clue what that even means. All they know is they don’t have to work, they can buy whatever they want and, well, they don’t have to work. They’re the Clampets of the cartoon kingdom. Just swap the mansion for a trailer. You get the picture.

From Sam’s life of Riley to Fanny’s crafty business ventures, from ‘Mel’s’ eating binges to the bickering ‘Bucky’ and Markham, from Uncle Jack’s inventions to cousin Tammy’s ‘normal’ personality, The HULES are modern day MUNSTERS, except they aren’t ghouls and they don’t drive a hearse. They do have a luxurious yacht in which they spend much of the summer on though. But it’s never left the back yard.




SAM HULE - father

Lives the life of Riley, spends most of his time fishing from his lavish yacht and offering advice that never works.


Attends church bazars, belongs to hundreds of ‘clubs’ and holds many of these club meetings at home. She also has a craft business.

MELANIE (MEL) HULE - daughter

Infatuated with food and bikers …and food.

BUCK (BUCKY) and MARKHAM HULE - sons (twins)

They don’t know when enough is enough and they are either feuding or causing trouble in the trailer park.

UNCLE JACK – uncle, Tammy’s father (Fanny’s brother / Sam’s brother-in-law)

He’s the last of the great inventors. Well, maybe not so great, but an inventor just the same. And he tries them all out on the family first. He's made them sick, blown them up, changed their 'race' and more.

TAMMY - cousin / niece (Jack’s daughter - also known as Tracy, Tina, Tanya, etc. – because the family never remembers her real name)

She’s pretty and the ‘normal’ one of the bunch. She thinks there is something wrong with ‘herself’ because she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the family.






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