The Rockin' Robots

A group of three rock musician robots are sent from the planet Flatula to be substitute teachers on Earth.

- Screenplay for pilot episode available upon request -


- Watch the 'music video' - Animated by U of W students.



Professor Zork, from the planet Flapula designs, develops and builds robots that are shipped all over the galaxy to other planets. His robots are built to aid other worlds in everything from light housekeeping to commercial use in the workplace.

Professor Zork has received a special order from Earth. The School Board has ordered three robots to be used as substitute teachers, traveling from school to school as needed. The professor’s only instructions were to build robots that will make learning fun.

The crazed professor builds a group of three rock musicians who will travel from city to city using their songs as a teaching tool. They will also perform outdoor concerts on school playgrounds across the country.

Robby, Rick and Bobby are The Rockin’ Robots. And while they do become rock & roll superstars, the nutty professor has sent his half-witted assistant, Bobble, along as the Rockin’ Robots road manager. Things are out of control as Bobble leads the robots on a tour of disorder and misadventure. He’s a cock-eyed, rolly-polly ding-dong who couldn’t do anything right if he tried. He has a habit of lousing up their shows, their schedules and even their repairs!


PROFESSOR ZORK – Builder of the robots.

BOBBLE – Professor Zork’s dim-witted assistant.

ROBBY – Leader of The Rockin’ Robots rock band. Plays guitar and sings lead vocals.

RICK – Drummer, a little slow in the head with a tendency to short-circuit.

BOBBY – Bass player, they call him the “ladies ‘bot” because he is a real charmer.

PRINCIPAL JORDAN – Principal of school in ‘Episode 1’.

SCHOOL SECRETARY – She is also an assistant to Principal Jordan.

STUDENTS – Various school students.





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